Established in 2006, eMite is an Australian company founded by brothers who share an extraordinary depth of experience and expertise in Information Technology consulting. Their vision was to develop a solution to help organizations monitor, measure, diagnose and improve performance, despite the deeply entrenched data and cultural silos that often exist.

Because of this vision, eMite remains independent from any specific underlying technology. It can onboard data from any process or system, adapt to any organizational model, and visualize the entire business, IT and contact center landscape; yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

eMite was acquired by Prophecy International Holdings in 2015.

Prophecy International is a stock exchange-listed company (ASX: PRO) that designs and develops software, which it distributes through a global network of partners. The company is renowned for buying and adding value to innovative companies, and taking those solutions to market in its core territories: America; Europe; Middle East; Africa; and Asia Pacific.

eMiteʼs expertise in contact centers meant that, from day one, we had all the measures, metrics and KPIs out of the box that we needed to run our business.

Jen Rufati, general manager of customer service and operations, TAL

Improved visibility lets managers make decisions that directly affect customer service and contact center efficiency in real time. That gives our company a significant competitive advantage.

head of IT, workplace relations specialist