``Convert your data into valuable information in just a few clicks. eMite's ability to bring the reporting for all your ITSM tools together to one central portal is why our users are able to deliver high quality and successful business value dashboards to their customers.``


Personalised Dashboards

Design your own personalised and interactive dashboards empowering you to take data from various sources into a single analytical reporting and dashboard solution. Users can create their own new dashboards with no coding and no maintenance.

Better Strategic Decision Making

eMite allows faster, smarter and collective strategic decision-making. This all adds up to advancing your organisation and fulfilling their true potential.

Real-Time Wallboards

Customise your wallboard views in just minutes and display them to users. Rotate through different dashboard views on your wallboards at time intervals that are completely customizable.

Slice & Dice

Slice and dice your data by linking reports together, apply filters and drill through to the raw data.

Real-time Reporting

Monitor your business in real-time & receive value-add information through real-time dashboards so you can access the right information at the right time.

Proactive Alerting & Trending

Highly configurable proactive alerting & predictive trending allows you to keep on top of your world when it counts most - right now. Make it simple for anyone to drill-through data & discover how to optimise business performance.

Dashboard Sharing & Multi-tenancy

Share dashboards with other dashboard users, additionally displaying on wallboards and eMite will automatically slice the data based on the users role.

LDAP & SSO User Access Integration

eMite provides full LDAP and SSO integration so users are aligned to the existing roles and user groups as well as inheriting access rights.