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Our eMite adaptors make it even easier to onboard data into Elasticsearch.

Full Service Dashboard

eMite uses Elasticsearch as the core Storage Engine providing a full service Dashboard that can directly connect to your existing Elasticsearch indexes, or you can use the eMite Elasticsearch index creator UI to create and manage your indexes.

Significant Value

eMite Dashboards provides significant value and capability over the Elastic ELK / Kibana dashboard capability. eMite is a business grade dashboard solution for Elasticsearch.

Cube / OLAP Structure

The eMite Elasticsearch dashboard creates a cube / OLAP structure over the Elastic Platform that allows users to easily slice, dice, dill down, & drill through to your data.


eMite Elasticsearch index creator UI takes the pain out of onboarding new data and managing your indexes in Elasticsearch.

Contact eMite today to try a demo, and see how easy it is to onboard data into Elasticsearch!

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