``eMite integration with Alaric Authentic & Fractals provides real-time payments switch and transactional performance analytics dashboards. ``
eMite integration with Alaric Authentic & Fractals provides real-time payments switch and transactional performance analytics dashboards.


Alaric Authentic

Alaric Authentic is a next generation payments switch that handles conventional card and banking payments.

Alaric Fractals

Alaric Fractals is a cross channel enterprise fraud detection and prevention system that integrates with Alaric Authentic.

eMite Analytics

eMite Analytics is a flexible, real-time monitoring system with advanced correlation, dashboarding and reporting capabilities.

Alaric Architecture

Authentic and Fractals work together to provide a fraud-aware payments switching platform for Alaric customers. Powerful message mapping features enable connectivity between a vast array of devices, core banking systems and payments switches - across a wide variety of transaction messaging standards.

eMite Integration

eMite is capable of monitoring any application through a number of adapters or agents. In the context of Authentic, eMite runs a collection of lightweight, sub-second SQL queries against the Authentic and Fractals databases. It collects a summary of the last minute's activity each minute, in order to build a history.


Receive alerts when interfaces go down, queues go up, or decline activity increases. You have total flexibility to bring the metrics that matter to you into the limelight.

Real-Time Visability

eMite is highly customizable to customer requirements. Metrics you can expect from an eMite integration with Alaric products include: - Overall TPS, TPS by IAP & Stand-in Rate - Overall Decline Rate & Decline Rate by Acquirer - Decline & Event Counts - ATM, POS, PCT, HSM and IAP status - SAF Queue & Fractals Staging Table Size - List Processor Usage - Java Process Performance (CPU & Memory Tracking) - Slow Transaction & Timeout Detection


eMite maintains a history of metric values in its own database, away from the production applications it monitors. Questions such as 'When is the best time for batch processing?' become easy to answer.

Decline Watch

Sudden spikes in declines can indicate a problem. The eMite Decline Watch dashboard makes this highly visible to the customer.

ATM Fleet

Raise awareness of an ATM Fleet by displaying the dashboard on large TV Screens around customers premises.


Associate geo-location information with metrics and plot device locations around the world. This can help troubleshoot location based networking issues.


  1. OPERATING SYSTEM: minimum of Microsoft Windows 2008 Standard Edition with the IIS + ASP.NET role, Message Queuing feature and .NET Framework 4.0
  2. DATABASE: minimum of Microsoft SQL Standard Edition 2008 R2 or Microsoft SQL Standard Edition 2012 to avoid performance limitations on the Analysis Services Cube
  3. ARCHITECTURE: eMite can run on one server, or can be split into a two or three-tiered architecture of presentation, application and data