eMite & Amazon Connect

Better Together

Beyond simple reporting for Amazon Connect, CX Intelligence for Amazon Connect by eMite is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that provides immediate value for contact centre managers by providing advanced real time and historical data on the operations of their Amazon Connect contact centre.

eMite makes contact centers more transparent, agile and efficient. Drawing information from across the business and correlating it with contact center data at lightning speeds, eMite empowers everyone in the contact center and beyond to measure the performance metrics relevant to them. Now everyone in the organization can begin to understand how business decisions and environmental factors impact customer experience, sales and other outcomes, and start taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Out-of-the-Box Ready to Rock

Going from deployment to power user has never been easier. Not only do you get 16 pre-built dashboards but creating new dashboards and reports has never been easier. Want to make changes to your wallboard? eMite gives you the ability to do it all with your mouse rather than having to either be a programmer or bring one in. The best part? Our customers are up and running within 48 hours.

Let’s Get Elastic!

eMite is your new best friend when it comes to your data. You get super fast access to your historical data, but with eMite’s data connector capabilities you get so much more. Ever want to bring you SalesForce data into your call center dashboards? What about Zendesk? Well with eMite you can! eMite is capable of bringing in over 60 datasources and counting!

Built for the End User

What is it with cumbersome, slow to deploy and difficult to configure BI solutions? eMite is 100% browser based, mobile friendly and game-i-fiable. Why? Because technology is supposed to make life easier, that’s why. Besides, building gamification dashboards is a blast! With eMite anyways.