``eMitETL makes ETL easy, precise, swift & human friendly. This platform works seamlessly with data sources and realises real-time analytics.``

Easy Connectivity

• Easily connects to a range of providers (ODBC, JDBC, RDBMS, Elastic Search, RedShift, Remedy, ServiceNow) with a SQL query • Tests connectivity as you establish the connection • Supports MS Windows authentication & native user/password connectivity • Encrypts passwords automatically

Data Mart Maintenance, Management & Monitoring

• Governance for all your Data Marts from a single Web API • Generate / Add / Delete / Update Data Marts whenever required • Automatically get notified about the data movements performance and/or errors • Merge / Split / Replicate / Copy your Data Marts easily & as many as you want

Performance, Scalability, Availability, Hits, Accessibility

• Very fast as it only moves the delta changes • Easily scalable by adding new servers, but still manageable through one Web API • Minimum hits on source resources • Near real-time with data movement and manageable down to one minute • Clean data is always available through delta import & magic merging • Near real-time reporting is available (max to 2 minutes delay is possible) • Real-time security / segregation / aggregation

Costs, Complexities, Skill-Set

• Very low cost compared with any other ETL, Data Warehouse or reporting tools • Most of ETL & Data Warehousing actions are automated resulting in zero complexity • Limited SQL knowledge required, all other jobs occur with just a few clicks in Web API

Auto Data Mart Generation

• Detects source schema & updates the schema automatically upon changes • Generates Data Marts as you move data • Indexes schema automatically for best performance • Enriches fact data with unlimited reference data & with hierarchy data

Built-in Data Quality

• Moves your data just based on delta changes (just arrived or updated) • Converts & translates data inside the SQL query or by using extra reference data • Adds explanatory attributes by reference data • Converts / Maps NULL values to proper reference data • Automatically removes duplicates • Automatically detects & removes the deleted source data