eMite is a real-time analytics and dashboard reporting solution that dramatically enhances contact center and business performance. With eMite, reports that take weeks or months to generate using traditional BI tools are available within seconds, allowing organizations to predict and avoid customer service issues, drive innovation and secure competitive advantage.

Used in contact centers spanning five continents, eMite aggregates and correlates data from multiple business sources, including third-party tools like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and workforce management systems, to deliver both historical and live actionable insights in an easy-to-follow format that can be customized for different users.

Now available as a premium service with PureCloud and PureConnect, eMite lets customers measure, monitor and improve operational performance like never before.

Due to its Elasticsearch index engine, only eMite can analyze vast amounts of data within seconds, empowering managers to make informed decisions on the fly.

For example, as call queues approach preset thresholds, workloads can be re-prioritized to prevent call abandonment and maintain customer satisfaction. Automated outbound initiatives are also made possible, such as renewal drives where customer details are served to agents for calling in order of contract value and expiry date.

Unlike traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions, a typical eMite implementation is completed within days. So, as well as being more affordably priced (and offered as a simple monthly subscription) customers reap the benefits of their investment in eMite almost immediately.

With eMite there is no need for customers to purchase new hardware, licenses or processing power. And thereʼs no need to spend more on data warehousing, consulting or development resources.

eMite gives people and organizations the clarity they need to drive ongoing operational improvements that deliver genuine competitive advantage.

Easy to configure using a simple drag-and-drop tool, eMite is built with powerful connectors to the 80+ common systems and data sources necessary for delivering real-time actionable insight. Developed with a deep understanding of contact center and IT operations, eMite comes pre-built with all the tools an organization could ever possibly need for delivering unbeatable customer experiences.

Scalable and highly adaptable to literally any organizational model, today and tomorrow, eMite is not tied to any specific underlying technology, so data can be onboarded from any process or system.

The possibilities are endless.