eMite helps organizations get maximum value from their investment in IT service management (ITSM) solutions.

With real-time dashboard reporting and analytics to enhance the already powerful
capabilities of Service Management software from Cherwell®, BMC Remedy or ServiceNow, eMite reduces system downtime and enhances productivity by providing unparalleled visibility into IT systems performance.

With easy-to-understand dashboards and wallboards, eMite empowers ITSM decision makers to act immediately on real-time information so systems donʼt just stay up and running, they can actually drive competitive advantage by enabling continuous improvement.

eMite uses past and present data to pre-empt system issues and prevent potential security breaches and breakdowns. This avoids situations where performance setbacks reflect negatively on the IT team, regardless of fault, and helps users get on with their tasks without being interrupted by the need to raise help desk support tickets.

Any problems that do occur can be resolved faster than ever before because eMite offers a granular view into system performance, pinpointing the cause of issues and letting IT staff address them sooner.

For example, the IT team may observe that itʼs taking longer than usual for users to get a response from the customer relationship management (CRM) system. Based on that information, the team can investigate further to see where the problem lies, then act appropriately to resolve it.

Furthermore, the comprehensive real-time reporting and predictive analysis capabilities within eMite ensure IT operations staff always know about issues before users notice any performance degradation. IT teams can get out in front of problems and solve them early, or at least minimize frustration by warning users of any expected system slow-downs.


“eMite gives people and organizations the clarity
they need to drive ongoing operational improvements
that deliver genuine competitive advantage”

If systems are slowing down, eMite provides the information and insight needed so the IT team can investigate and resolve the issue. Often, users experience an increase in system response times rather than a decrease simply because eMite provides performance insights so early.

eMite allows users to tailor elegantly simple dashboards and wallboards according to their job function so people get the information thatʼs relevant to them, and in business terms that they can understand.

Unlike traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions that take time to deliver information, eMite aggregates, analyzes, and correlates performance metrics from a huge number of data sources into a single, uniform picture of the environment in just seconds. And eMite can be up and running quickly compared with traditional BI solutions, which typically take months or even years to implement.

Due to its Elasticsearch index engine, only eMite can analyze vast amounts of data within seconds, empowering managers to make informed decisions on the fly.

eMite lets organizations manage and accurately monitor IT service levels across all vendors in real time, dramatically improving responsiveness. At the touch of a button, decision makers can visualize the exact status of IT service management across the entire organization. This information can be shared with the CFO or finance department to help assess the value of IT systems and providers. The business can then look to optimize their relationships and replace sub-standard providers with those that deliver better outcomes.

eMiteʼs intelligent, customizable dashboards are easy for everyone to use. Teams can even use easily-customized wallboards to stay informed about key metrics. eMite offers everything from detailed reports to a birdʼs eye view, depending on user requirements.

Available as a premium service with a number of service management vendors, eMite is cost-effective and highly scalable. It can be purchased as a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to keep costs low even as businesses add and remove users according to organizational needs.

With eMite there is no need to purchase new hardware, licences, or processing power. And thereʼs no need to spend more on data warehousing, consulting or development resources.

eMite gives people and organizations the clarity they need to drive ongoing operational improvements that deliver genuine competitive advantage.

Scalable and adaptable to any organizational model, today and tomorrow, eMite is not tied to any specific underlying technology, so data can be on-boarded from any process or system.