``From a Single Cloud Based Platform, eMite reports all the KPI’s from your various tools. Additionally eMite predicts when your KPI’s may breach - thus providing an invaluable view of your past and an insight into the future of your service delivery.``


6900 Out of the Box KPI Reports

Key Performance Indicators assist IT in gauging the delivery to their end users, or customers. eMite measures those KPI’s in a near real time model, providing a dissection of service delivery through the provision of 69 key KPI’s delivered in the format of 6,900 reports.

KPI Breach Reductions

Because eMite is near real time, one of its key values is from understanding pending breaches before their occurrence. eMite predictive KPI’s show the tickets that will breach their SLA within any given time period, greatly increasing your service delivery.

Self Service Dashboarding

According to each user’s business requirement, all reports are accessible via the eMite Dashboard Interface. This interface offers each of the reports delivered updated every 15 minutes. Customized KPI Builder In addition to the key KPI reports, custom KPI’s are able to be built via the eMite administration Dashboard interface. Each new KPI is then able to be shared with other eMite users.

Data Correlation

On a single chart, eMite users are able correlate their ITIL KPI with other key business factors. These correlations visually indicate trends between differing metrics that otherwise may go undetected for months.

Root Cause Analysis

Every report that eMite offers is able to be correlated to others, in a cascading effect. Termed “Drill Through”, effectively it means that the root cause tickets creating a potential breach in the KPI are identified immediately.

Service Desk Linkages

From within the eMite KPI Dashboard impacting tickets are able to be identified and linked to directly within the Service Desk itself.

Predictive Forecasting

eMite’s solution can forecast future trends well before they occur. This helps turn customer IT staff from reactive incident managers into a pre-emptive analytics team reducing the volume of incidents by between 10% and 40%.

Solution Integrations

eMite offers integrations to more than 40 IT solutions, allowing users to integrated their disparate data sources into a single KPI Reporting Platform. Vendors include; ServiceNow, BMC, CA, BMC, IBM, Compuware, Microsoft, Nagios, Splunk, etc.


Service Now0%

BMC Remedy0%

CA Service Desk0%

HP SM70%

VM Service Manager (INFRA)0%