ServiceNow Performance Analytics



01  In eMite the automatic filtering per user/group, and when sharing dashboards between users the appropriate security is automatically added to the dashboard when viewed


02  All referenced data (required for reporting like Org structure, Team’s performance information, CI’s downtime cost evaluation) which is not in ServiceNow, can easily be used in eMite for rich reporting purpose without the need to perform on-boarding or creating a separate table – they can be referenced directly from legacy sources


03  ServiceNow reporting doesn’t have a hierarchy structure (like dynamic Org structure), whilst eMite can have as many as required


04  Slicing & Dicing reports in eMite is extremely easy by simply linking reports and doesn’t lose the state, however in ServiceNow users will get redirected to internal reports and lose the previous state


05  Custom Thresholds, Rules & Alerts are easily applicable in eMite, however there is no similar features in ServiceNow


06  eMite supports built-in Scoreboards, including Trending, however there is no such built-in component within ServiceNow


07  Extra facilities like full search is hundreds of times faster in eMite and KPI’s can be built with full text search ability


08  KPI’s and custom measures can be defined on-the-fly, without coding, SQL, or tables being created


09  KPI’s can encompass more than just one data source so users can do an incident/event ratio, for example where incidents are in ServiceNow, events coming from an event management tool – ServiceNow does not have this feature


10  KPI’s can also have a ‘snapshot’ taken and then treated as metrics allowing predictions and correlations to take place


11  All Buckets (like time based grouping) and Named Sets (like super set definition) can be defined by the end user in eMite, without any table modification or SQL knowledge, however ServiceNow doesn’t have such a feature


12  In eMite auto dashboard/report scheduling in different formats like PPT, Word, PDF and emailing to a list of people is manageable by end user which is not in ServiceNow


13  Report scheduling can include custom Word templates eMite can provide a combined set of ITSM data, from different sources, like combining ServiceNow Incidents with Remedy Incidents & Jira Incidents – ServiceNow does not have this feature


14  The full time series analysis is also available in eMite for infrastructure metrics, capacity metrics etc. allowing predicted status, abnormality detection plus correlation to the ITSM data in ServiceNow


01   Obviously all reporting load is driven to the eMite indexes which will reduce the reporting load on the ServiceNow instance


02   As eMite is using Elastic indexing technology the reports and aggregations themselves are ten times faster than they would be on a relational database that ServiceNow uses


03   eMite polls only the delta data (updates or new records) from ServiceNow in very small chunks


04   eMite doesn’t touch ServiceNow records twice (unless they get updated) so that results in a very low impact on the ServiceNow environment