``eMite is the central Dashboard, Reporting & Analytics platform perfectly suited for Service Integration & Management (SIAM) Framework.``


eMite sits over all of the different outsources and departments and correlates all of the data into a single platform.

Pre-Built ITIL Reports

eMite comes with 100’s of pre-built ITIL reports and KPI’s used to measure and manage outsourcer performance in Real-Time.

Automated Capacity Reporting

The eMite Capacity Planning Module provides automated capacity reporting to ensure that your infrastructure can support the business demands now and in the future.

CMDB Integration

eMite CMDB integration allows you to map everything together and relate it to the Applications, Locations, Departments, etc.

Reporting & KPI's

eMite provides a consistent set of Reports & KPI’s regardless of the underlying ITSM Service Desk & Monitoring tools.

Service Desk Connectivity

eMite ITSM adaptors allow you to quickly and easily connect to any number of Service Desk Solutions including ServiceNow, Remedy, Cherwell, Heat, CA, etc.

Capacity Management Solution

eMite monitoring tool adaptors allow you to correlate all the performance, availability and capacity data into a single Capacity Management Solution.

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