Reports, Dashboards and Wallboards, Oh My!

It’s eMite’s mission to bring more accessible business intelligence tools to the market and help those who reporting tools are left wanting, get more out of their data. As technological innovation drives the exponential growth in data generated, affordable and easy-to-use tools need to help organizations not only look at their data, but help them turn it into actionable information. eMite platform brings key innovations in five critical functionalities of your business intelligence solution.


eMite provides a very flexible and powerful data onboarding ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) framework using several technologies to extract data, including API’s, XML, JSON, SQL and others. eMite has developed over 80 pre-built adaptors to automatically ingest data from common third-party solutions from vendors like Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, Atlassian, Snare and Genesys. eMite also provides adaptors to onboard data from more generic data sources like a database or an Excel file.

Additionally, eMite offers an SDK (Software Development Kit) for the rapid development of new adaptors for the eMite platform.


eMite uses Elasticsearch, a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine based on Lucene that provides an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents. This means eMite can index vast amounts of data in near real time, so organizations need not invest in expensive database technologies like SQL Server or Oracle DB, data warehouses, cubes or developers to create complex schema.


eMite offers intuitive HTML5 web-based dashboards and wallboards that anyone in the business can configure via “drag and drop” technology without extensive data analytics training. Users can create, edit and manipulate dashboards to ensure relevant information gets to the right people at the right time – in a format they can easily understand and use.

KPI Management

eMite includes a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) management system, allowing users to build custom KPI’s that are relevant to their operations. Users no longer need to accept default KPI’s from software solutions. eMite also allows users to create KPIs that span multiple data sources making the KPI’s even more relevant to their business.

Automated Alerting

eMite offers a variety of alerting options including visual, audio, email, SMS, phone and Runbook. Runbook is a framework that enables a developer to build automated actions based on KPI thresholds being hit. Users can configure automated alerts on any measurable field or KPI that exists within their eMite solution.