Keeping IT systems responsive and reliable depends on having full visibility into their performance. Watch this video to find out how Toyota Financial Services has used eMite since 2012 to monitor system performance and proactively resolve issues before customers and end users are even aware of them.

Frank Ruscio, CIO, Toyota Financial Services, said, “With eMite, we can now guarantee the delivery of transactions, proactively monitor business transactions across the technology stack vertically and horizontally, and respond to any problems in a timely manner to minimize the impact on any business disruption.

“From a partnering perspective, the technology’s one thing but something that we always look for is the company behind the technology. Since 2005 I’ve been dealing with eMite as an organization and we’ve always found them to be customer focused, responsive, and they’ve really helped us go from being a technology-centric organization to a customer-centric one.

“I’d recommend eMite to any organization and any IT department that would like to get greater visibility of the performance of their technology and give visibility to not just their own department but to their customers to bring true transparency to the technology that’s supporting the key business transactions.”