An Australian workplace relations specialist helps businesses manage employees and Fair Work compliance as well as workplace safety. It offers compliance consulting, 24-hour employer advice via a contact center, representation in the event of a claim, and insurance that covers the legal costs associated with claims.

Business needed more useful, detailed reports

The business uses the PureCloud customer engagement platform to manage its contact center but found the reporting capability insufficient for its needs without allowing drill downs into individual activities or the ability to develop its own reports.

The head of IT at the company said, “We rely on contact center reports to manage agentsʼ performance and deliver a superior customer service. The PureCloud solution didnʼt offer enough information or flexibility, making it difficult to improve.”

The business investigated a number of options to improve its ability to extract important data and insights from PureCloud. This included building a solution from scratch using the PureCloud APIs, which proved resource-intensive and cost-prohibitive.

The head of IT said, “Building our own solution required at least four different resources just to construct the reports. Then we had to consider the ongoing cost of maintaining and
updating the solution we created, and we were aware that using a solution built in-house meant we would effectively be without support. The costs and resources required made this a difficult proposition.”

eMite delivers a cost-effective dashboard solution

The business worked with Genesys, the PureCloud solution provider, which recommended the team speak with eMite.

“This speed-to-value helped us pitch eMite to our business users and get their all-important buy-in for the system. Knowing that it wouldn’t disrupt or hinder their ability to do their job made them eager to embrace the new system.”

The head of IT said, “We did some basic analysis and found that the cost of building our own solution far outweighed the cost of eMite, so it made sense to proceed with a proof of concept project.”

eMite stood up a proof of concept environment within a few days and the solution quickly proved its value.

The head of IT said, “eMite started gathering data very quickly and the dashboards demonstrated just how much more useful the reporting was compared with PureCloud alone. We could customize eMite dashboards very easily, fine-tuning reports and getting theinformation we needed to make better decisions.

“We could also see that a full roll-out of eMite wouldnʼt be particularly disruptive or onerous. We wouldnʼt need to handle data importation and manipulation: eMite delivers the information we need and all we have to do is specify what we want to see and how. Like a jigsaw puzzle, it all fits together seamlessly.”

eMite delivers the real-time, actionable insights needed to make better business decisions quickly

The proof of concept demonstrated that eMite would help manage the businessʼs workforce more effectively. This success confirmed the companyʼs decision to roll out eMite organization-wide.

The head of IT said, “Previous reports showed consolidated results with no ability to drill down into individual values. Using eMite dashboards, we can see individual values so we know exactly who is doing what and how long itʼs taking them. That lets us uncover issues around dropped calls, extended call times, and other markers that indicate a particular customer service representative might need more training or support.

“This improved visibility lets managers make decisions that directly affect customer service quality and contact center efficiency in real time. That makes a significant difference to the
businessʼs competitiveness.”

The dashboard layout of the eMite reports makes them easier and faster to understand for business managers who can now translate numbers into action with far better results. The head of IT said, “We estimate that, within three months, we will realize a significant uplift in operating efficiency. This means team leaders will be able to address issues much faster and can help individual operators become more efficient.

“Furthermore, because itʼs easy to extract data from eMite, we will be able to conduct more manual and in-depth information analysis without having to write code. This will let us mix and match data from various sources to get a more complete picture of the business. For example, we might look at contact center data overlaid with sales data to find correlations and patterns. Right now, doing that takes hours as we have to transcribe the data from PureCloud. Moving forward, weʼll just extract it from eMite in seconds.

“This speed-to-value helped us pitch eMite to our business users and get their all-important buy-in for the system. Knowing that it wouldnʼt disrupt or hinder their ability to do their job
made them eager to embrace the new system.”

In the future, the business may consider using eMite to aggregate and correlated sales data for even more comprehensive reports. For now, the business is looking forward to getting the reports it needs, when it needs them, with a minimum of fuss.