One eMite client is an Australian not-for-profit Trust that provides funeral and memorial services to more than 12,000 families every year across a network of eight cemeteries,
both directly and via funeral service providers.

Its 40 contact center agents help people from diverse communities make important decisions. Whether contacts are planning ahead or calling to arrange gravesite, funeral, hospitality or chapel services to commemorate a loved-one, providing an exemplary customer experience is critical.

With this in mind, the Trust commenced an ambitious customer service improvement initiative in 2016, which saw the replacement of its outdated phone and PBX system with PureCloud, a hosted contact engagement solution.

However, as well as the reliability, powerful communications and disaster recovery benefits provided by PureCloud, the Trust needed more advanced dashboard, reporting and analytics functionality. According to the IT manager, “We had no way of knowing how many calls we received each day, how many calls were being abandoned, why calls were being abandoned, or whether we were scheduling the right number of agents at the right time.”

The Trust initially considered using a traditional Business Intelligence provider with the PureCloud API. However, their PureCloud representative introduced them to eMite, a purpose-built, out-of-the-box alternative with full integration to the PureCloud API.
“When we compared costs, eMite came in at ten percent of what it would have cost us to develop our own solution.”

Within a day, eMite was fully available, providing team leaders and executives with access to all the information they needed, including pre-built dashboards, reports and KPIs – all at the touch of a button.

“When we compared costs, eMite came
in at ten percent of what it would have cost
us to develop our own solution.”

Staff quickly learned to build their own KPI dashboards while historical reports started identifying trends almost immediately. “In the first week of operation we discovered that fifty percent of calls between nine and ten in the morning were being abandoned.
Thankfully, we were able to quickly rectify this by adding extra staff to handle this peak period”.

Metrics became available to view in a matter of five seconds, compared with the five days or even five weeks it takes with systems that rely on weekly or monthly reports for their updates. In contrast, eMite updates every ten seconds so it offers near real-time analytics for PureCloud.

eMite has given call center agents real-time visibility into how the team is performing, with results being conveyed via simple, easy-to-understand graphics on a large central wallboard. “Staff almost immediately began displaying higher levels of engagement, motivation and achievement as a result of this visibility”.

And despite some initial resistance, eMite’s ability to reduce operational risk whilst analyzing virtually any type of data to generate actionable insights soon proved a hit with the IT team too.

“Our BI team are very impressed with eMite’s functionality and how easy it is to use. They really like how simple it is to build new reports and dashboards, and they’re sharing those dashboards with other users in the organization. Updating our data in real time has been a great benefit that wasn’t achievable with other tools.”

It wasn’t hard for the Trust to secure financial approval for eMite either. “Because eMite uses Elasticsearch technology to index huge amounts of data at lightning speeds, we did not need to invest in expensive hardware upgrades, new database licenses, data warehouse facilities or development resources. And eMite is completely scalable, so it ticked all the boxes for our CFO”.

Being an HTML5 application, eMite is mobile friendly, making it easy for staff to stay informed. “They simply open the browser on their smartphone, tablet or laptop and connect to their custom dashboards – anywhere, anytime”.

The Trust has also installed iPads across its property portfolio, inviting visitors to provide feedback that is captured and analyzed by eMite’s service intelligence platform, which correlates the data with Net Promoter Scores (NPS), satisfaction survey results and other statistics to deliver actionable insight.

“eMite is a fantastic add-on for PureCloud. As a core enabler of our customer service improvement initiative, it has added significant value. When looking for more advanced analytics and reporting for PureCloud, I would definitely recommend eMite.”