Qantas Assure is a unique insurance membership available to the more than 10 million members of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program.[1]

The program offers a suite of health, life, and travel insurance products to members and goes one step further by offering wellness rewards when Qantas Assure customers earn points through the Qantas Assure app.  Points are earned by members participating in everyday physical activities such as walking around shops, going to the gym, running, or mowing the lawn.

Detailed reporting critical

Qantas Assure initially shared customer contact centre facilities with their health insurance partner but, as the Qantas Assure business matured, it made sense to move to a dedicated contact centre facility so the business could manage the customer experience more closely.

The new Qantas Assure contact centre used PureCloud by Genesys; an all-in-one, cloud-based contact centre solution. PureCloud was ideal for Qantas Assure’s needs apart from some limitations in its reporting capabilities, which didn’t deliver the detailed, near-real-time insights that Qantas Assure required.

Ryan Boyle, operations relationship manager, Qantas Assure, said, “To deliver a high level of customer service, Qantas Assure needed better visibility into contact centre operations. The business required self-service reporting and real-time visibility into key data to make business decisions and manage contact centre agent performance.”

With this functionality unavailable out-of-the-box, Qantas Assure needed to find a reporting solution that would deliver the information the business needed in an intuitive, self-service interface that would let decision-makers get real-time insights for faster, better decision-making.

The solution needed to correlate data from other sources, combining that data with contact centre data to deliver a more comprehensive view of agent performance, including how they generate revenue for Qantas Assure and whether there are additional opportunities that can be leveraged. These other sources included e-sales data and information from the internal sales system.

Ryan Boyle said, “The data that’s available natively in PureCloud doesn’t provide enough detail to make decisions. Qantas Assure needs to know exactly what’s happening with factors like call wait times, average call handling time, average after-call work time, and other key metrics. Being able to manage the performance of individual agents means making sure they’re performing according to the service level agreements and key performance indicators set by the business. “Qantas Assure faced a challenging timeline to move to its new contact centre location. The business needed a reporting solution provider that was experienced, well-versed in reporting requirements, and could implement the solution in a very quick timeframe. eMite was suggested by a Qantas Assure partner who knew the issues we faced.”

Fast implementation was key

eMite is an easy-to-use analytics and dashboard solution that integrates seamlessly with PureCloud to deliver metrics and reporting that dramatically improves customer experience and business performance. eMite instantly correlates information from across the business, including the contact centre, to let decision-makers act on changing conditions to maximise performance.

Qantas Assure chose eMite because of its ability to deliver intelligent, customisable dashboards, and reports that suited the outbound nature of the business as well as some unique servicing elements. It offers true online analytical processing (OLAP) analytics without the need for maintenance, development, manual monthly reporting, or data integration.

Ryan Boyle said, “eMite could deliver in three days what others had quoted as three months of work. The eMite platform is flexible, so Qantas Assure can draw data from many different sources across the business, consolidate reporting, and compare performance with clear analytical outcomes. The eMite team was also very experienced; eMite met the tight implementation timeframe and did so far more cost-effectively than other providers could offer.”

eMite delivered customised dashboards

eMite dashboards are updated in real time and drill down to all the details required to deliver a better understanding of the Qantas Assure contact centre’s real-time and historical performance. This lets the organisation driver greater sales performance and agent productivity.

Ryan Boyle said, “eMite helps Qantas Assure to correlate sales data with call centre information, improving the visibility of the real-time performance of call centre agents and the business’s performance. It breaks down statistics based on different groups and measures factors including average talk time, speed of answer, number of calls transferred, and more. That information is available natively in PureCloud but without the ability to customise the dashboards to isolate the views that are important to our business.

“eMite offers out-of-the-box integration, calculating KPIs and SLAs in real time, customisable by the end user. That means everyone gets the information they need to do their jobs better. Those customised dashboards let us drive productivity. They also provide scope to include many other reporting sources, whether that be through web chat or in-app servicing, as well as assistance with change management. Using the platform across different services channels delivers key insights into customer behaviour and best ways to service customers. Consolidating that reporting lets Qantas Assure track performance across many different channels.”

The dashboards provide detailed information that lets the business drill down into each interaction to see what further action may be required. If certain agents have a high level of negative outcomes, for example, it may be necessary to provide additional training to those agents to improve their outcomes. And, if other agents consistently achieve positive results, the business may look to replicate their methods across other agents and reward them accordingly.

Because eMite offers self-service functionality, Qantas Assure can build new dashboards and edit existing ones to get the valuable data they need. This replaces the old method of reporting, which provided monthly metrics that weren’t especially valuable compared to real-time dashboards.

Ryan Boyle said, “None of Qantas Assure’s employees need to be business intelligence experts to get value from eMite. The user-friendliness of the dashboards means business users get the information they need in a simple and easy-to-understand way.”

Normally, to get the value of OLAP-style reporting, it’s necessary to build a data cube, which can take many months. eMite does this dynamically, quickly, and cost-effectively without the need for ongoing maintenance or coding. This makes it an ideal solution for a business like Qantas Assure, which wants to improve outcomes without spending a fortune on systems.

Ryan Boyle said, “At this stage, the key benefit eMite has provided is vastly-improved productivity and performance at the agent level because of the dashboards. Future benefits will come down to innovation and how we use eMite across Qantas Assure’s different service channels to deliver key insights around customer behaviour.”

Partnership approach

Qantas Assure has been built on many different partnerships and the organisation has a high standard when it comes to choosing partners.

Ryan Boyle said, “From the initial engagement, eMite has been a true partner. Another key factor in choosing eMite was that, prior to any contracts being signed, the team was willing to explore what needed to happen and to give us a clear view of the costs and timeline. eMite was very invested and supportive of what we needed to deliver.

“eMite puts our needs at the front of every interaction and we know we can simply pick up the phone and get the help or advice we need.”

Qantas Assure is now working with eMite to correlate sales data with contact centre information to improve visibility into the real-time performance of contact centre agents and the performance of the business. The resulting dashboards will also be used to drive agent performance within teams via gamification.

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